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Apr , 19
The only way the world can move to a cleaner mix of energy is to plug into the massive potential of biomass.

The IEA projects that by 2035, bioenergy use will grow by over 60%. Bio coal (torrefied biomass pellets) account for 8.4% of all of Europe’s energy consumption, and 25% of Nordic countries like Estonia, Sweden, and Finland. Bio coal consumption has grown by more than one million tons per year since 2010.

CEG Proprietary Torrefaction Reactor Technology

CEG has developed a new proprietary turn-key, plug-and-play torrefaction system that generates up to 15,000 metric tons of bio coal product(s) per module per year, and simultaneously generates up to 1.1 MWe of green electricity per module. Plus, smarter technology means lower CAPEX & OPEX.