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Eco-Harvest ®

Eco-Harvest ®

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New legislation and regulations have enforced the need to pay increasing attention to environmental issues and flora and fauna during logging operations. Parenco Hout bv has consolidated all this legislation and all these regulations into a single product that it markets under the name Eco-Harvest®.

Eco-Harvest® is a logging system that ensures maximum care for the environment and flora and fauna, and places responsibility for monitoring and controlling logging operations on independent third-party bodies. If you are interested in finding out more, then please do not hesitate to contact Parenco Hout bv. Eco-Harvest® is a logging system that makes every effort to ensure that no damage is done to the local ecosystem or the environment.

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  1. During introductory meetings with forest owners, we take note of their needs and requirements in terms of the environment and flora and fauna.
  2. Before commencing logging operations, an independent agency performs an audit and demarcates badger sets, ant nests, etc. In the breeding season, nests are identified and marked.
  3. A map and a checklist are created identifying all the protected areas.
  4. This is discussed in detail with the logging machinery operators.
  5. These operators are also certified, all of them having obtained their Dutch Forestry Board Flora and Fauna diplomas.
  6. All work is carried by Dutch Forestry Board-approved companies.
  7. All items of machinery use bio-oil for hydraulic fluid and are fitted with oil sumps or mats to deal with hydraulic leaks.
  8. During logging operations, the body that conducted the initial audit performs an inspection every 500 m3 to ensure compliance and to determine whether any new additional items need to be protected.
  9. Once operations have finished, the same body then generates a final report for the forest owner.
  10. If required, the cut timber can then be stamped with FSC and/or PEFC chain of custody marks for delivery to end customers, assuming the forest owner to be FSC/PEFC-certified.
  11. Treetops are pruned and strewn ahead of machinery to prevent rut formation.

Eco-Harvest® guarantees only environmental and flora- and fauna-related aspects of logging operations. Other aspects are governed by the forest owner’s own general terms & conditions, or those of the Dutch Forestry Board, etc.