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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Apr , 9

Increasing numbers of organizations are striving to optimize their operations in three crucial areas – People, Planet and Profit. For People and Profit, Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) have been selected, which is steered by the management.

Various performance-related variables exist for managing planet, but discrepancies between units and methods of measurement mean that no clear-cut gauge exists by which to measure service companies’ sustainability.

As part of our responsible forest stewardship practices, every acre of forest is paid the attention it deserves. Recommendations and policies have been drafted by various certification bodies that strictly monitor and control compliance. Sound forest stewardship starts with weighing up the numerous, and sometimes contradictory, economic, ecological, aesthetic and social interests.

Expertise in these areas is indispensable including knowledge about legislation and regulations, about nature and about the market. This presents quite a challenge for most forest owners.

Parenco Hout bv set up the Eco-Harvest® programme to help forest owners manage their forests in a more environmentally friendly fashion. For example, badger sets, ant nests, breeding birds and rare plant species are demarcated and cordoned off as part of our operations. All items of machinery use bio-oil as hydraulic fluid and are fitted with leak protection systems.

Please read and/or download our environmental policies here.