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Logging Operations

Logging Operations

Sep , 11

In short, we transport roundwood from A to B, i.e. from the forest to the customer, in the most efficient way possible ensuring that wholesale and retail processes run as smoothly as possible.

We have become one of the most reliable partners with whom to do business because we always act in your best interests using our extensive market knowledge, problem-solving abilities, unlimited flexibility, guaranteed sales, modern logging methods, well-equipped machinery and highly trained personnel.

Parenco Hout bv was founded in 1981 by the Parenco BV newspaper factory to safeguard its supply of wood. Parenco Hout bv in its totally revamped guise came into being in 1991 as an independent wholesale organization.

We are certainly not wood merchants with a short-term vision. We think beyond quick profits and high turnovers. Instead, we aim to nurture and safeguard long-term business relations with forest owners, commissions, operators, and consumers. This approach is to everyone’s benefit. We always aim therefore to establish long-term partnerships with forest owners, operators, and the wood-processing industry.

We literally roll up our sleeves and help fell the trees alongside the forest owners. We assess and purchase wood as standing timber or in pre-cut assortments. Parenco Hout bv is capable of carrying out all operations. It has even patented its own logging system that ensures maximum care for the environment and flora and fauna, as well as compliance with all legislation and regulations. We are particularly proud of Eco-Harvest® – our company’s flagship product in terms of eco-friendly logging operations.